Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you have limits on your delivery radius?

A: Yes, currently we are only able to make deliveries to the DC proper area. We're working on expanding our delivery radius to other parts of the DMV. Thank you for being patient!


Q: How early do I have to order in advance?

A: We ask that you place your order 24 hours in advance. For instance, if you want to order a meal for the next day, you must order by 6pm the evening before.


Q: Do I have to heat up the meal?

A: Meals are delivered ready to eat. Some dishes are chilled to maintain quality. Some dishes are traditionally eaten at room temperature. Proper heating instructions are provided for those dishes that require it.


Q: When do you deliver?

A: Monday - Friday. We make dinner deliveries during this time, so feel free to order a meal up! We ask that you order 24 hours in advance, so by 6 pm the night before your food will arrive.

You can choose your delivery date up to a week in advance.


Q: Should I be home to receive the meal?

A: Yes, the meals are ready to eat, so it's recommended you are home to receive the meal. We do leave meals on your doorstep if you request this, but we recommend you try to get home as soon as you can.


Q: What time do you deliver?

A: You can choose a delivery slot of 1 hour between 5-9pm. Pick a slot, and we'll bring the meal to you.


Q: How often does the menu change?

A: We change the menu weekly, so you can expect a number of new and delicious dishes on a regular basis.


Q: How many chefs are there?

A: We currently feature three chefs and their two cuisines -- Syrian and Lao -- but we plan to feature more chefs and cuisines on the same menu in the future. 


Q: Where do the chefs prepare their meals?

A: We operate out of Union Kitchen in NE DC. It's a commercial kitchen space with amazing facilities and everything we need to bring you an amazing and yummy meal.


Q: What do you charge for tip & delivery?

A: It's included in the price of the meal. So don't worry about extra costs =).